Breathtaking Bali

The Island of Gods hardly requires introduction. Bali’s unique culture and superb scenery have made Bali a number one holiday destination for decades. Voted many times as one of the best island destinations in the world, Bali strikes the perfect balance, and provides enjoyment for adventurers, honeymooners, families and backpackers alike.

Balinese culture seeps from every corner of the island. Ceremonies and rituals rich with vibrant colors and flowers and music are the backdrop to everyday life. A rich melting pot of religions and cultures permeates Balinese life and interacts to create a distinct and uniquely artistic environment. The range of artistic expressions in Bali is on display everywhere you look -- in paintings, music, sculptures, flower decorations and temple offerings.

Bali’s landscapes range from emerald green rice fields, to white and black sand beaches, to majestic mountains. The island’s rich palette of natural beauty invites you to explore.

There is no question about the magic of the island of Bali. There is a feeling that permeates and pulses, an indefinable quality, both encompassing and liberating. Villa Mandala glows with this magic energy; we invite you to come and experience it with us!

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